MemeMarkets: The SEC report on January’s meme stock short squeeze is coming soon

Ever since Robinhood

halted trading on meme stocks like GameStop

and AMC Entertainment

at the chaotic apex of January’s wild meme stock trading frenzy, retail investors and Wall Street have been waiting with bated breath to see how regulators will respond.

And while February’s entertaining if bizarre Congressional hearings gave the public a window into how the meme stock craze is viewed within The Beltway, it remains to be seen how SEC chief Gary Gensler, an former Goldman Sachs executive known for taking heavy-handed stances on market misfunctions, will act on things like payment for order flow and what appears to be some odd data on short selling.

But while we wait, why not gossip about it with someone who has an expert sense of what might be coming down the pike?

On this episode of MemeMarkets, I talked to my MarketWatch colleague Chris Matthews about what might be in this SEC report and who should be least excited to read it.

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