Microsoft Launches Project xCloud Public Beta

Microsoft is preparing gamers for the launch of Project xCloud on September 15. People who want to see what cloud gaming is all about could head to the Google Play Store to download xCloud’s beta version. Cloud gaming allows people to stream full console games on their phones through wi-fi.

Project xCloud’s Public Beta

As the launch date approaches, Microsoft wants gamers to experience a smooth transition to the full Project xCloud. However, only subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can enjoy the public beta version. Xbox Insiders can only preview the app. 

Microsoft said that Project xCloud would only be available on Android. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play around 30 titles on xCloud’s beta version. Gamers can play 100 games on the full version of Project xCloud, which include:

  •     Destiny 2
  •     Forza Horizon 4
  •     Gears of War 4
  •     Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  •     Minecraft Dungeons
  •     Halo 5: Guardians
  •     Yakuza Kiwami 2

What Else Can I Do?

Once you get the full Project xCloud, you can play games across your platforms without hitches. For example, you can start a game on your tablet or phone, and then pick it up again on your Xbox. Project xCloud allows players a new way to experience their favorite Xbox games. Your achievements also reflect on all your devices. You also get to keep your friends list, controller settings, and game saves. 

When Can I Play?

If you want to try Project xCloud’s beta version, you can download it now on the Google Play Store. Again, though, you will have to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $15 a month to play the games.

Project xCloud’s preview period will end on September 11.

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