Microsoft to Allow Permanent Work for Employees

Since the pandemic struck, most companies send employees to work from home. Now, Microsoft is the first company to make working from home permanent. 

Microsoft’s Work from Home Policy

The Verge reports that Microsoft sent out an internal memo about working from home. According to the memo, Microsoft decided to open a “hybrid workspace.” This way, workers can choose to work from home permanently. They could also protect their families from COVID-19.

Gizmodo also adds that each Microsoft employee can work remotely “for less than 50%” of the week. However, Microsoft could give employees a permanent work-from-home status.

Remote Work in Tech Companies

Other tech companies have also let employees work from home. Last May, Twitter granted its employees the option to work from home. On the other hand, Google looks like it still wants to get workers back in their offices. Google employees have begun working from home, but the company might want them at their desks a few days a week.

Facebook has also allowed employees to work from home. However, Gizmodo says the company hasn’t revealed if this status was permanent. 

Other Perks of Microsoft’s Remote Work Policy

If Microsoft grants you a permanent remote work status, you can move across the country and keep your job. Moreover, the company also said it would cover its employees’ expenses for building a home office. This status would allow employees to work in a safer environment, even after the pandemic subsides.

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