Netflix Rolls Out New Features to Help You Find New Content

With COVID-19 still going on, it’s not impossible to watch every movie or TV show on Netflix. We can’t go outside anyway, so we might as well watch TV all day. So, Netflix wants to make finding new content easier for subscribers. The streaming site will roll out a new feature that groups all new content in one place.

Netflix plans to roll out the new feature after April tests. However, only TV devices can use it. 

Netflix’s New & Popular

The Verge reports that Netflix plans to call this new group “New & Popular.” Under this group, all the new content from the New on Netflix, the Top 10, and Coming Soon rows will sit together. 

Moreover, Netflix plans to add another new row called “Worth the Wait.” Under this section, you’ll receive previews of shows coming to the service in the next 15 or 365 days. 

Netflix’s Worth the Wait

Netflix also believes that the “Worth the Wait” row could be popular with subscribers. With the new row, you can now remind yourself to watch upcoming shows that might have interested you. The expectation of watching a new show in the future might keep subscribers from leaving Netflix. 

What’s Next for Netflix

In the last quarter, Netflix has added 10 million subscribers. However, it’s had trouble retaining subscribers. In 2019, Netflix even lost subscribers for the first time. Moreover, a crop of new streaming sites might steal their customer base. 

These new features might keep subscribers with Netflix for now, but only new and original content could keep them excited in the long-term.

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