New Smart Glasses Could Ping You to Get Back to Work

If you can’t trust yourself to manage everyday distractions anymore, why not let your glasses do it for you? A startup called Auctify has released a new pair of smart glasses that promise to help you focus on your tasks. 

Auctify’s Specs

Called Specs, Auctify’s smart glasses use AI to monitor what you are looking at every day. And then, the smart glasses will get your attention to the tasks you should be doing. The startup has opened the glasses for crowdfunding on Indiegogo. 

Specs contain a built-in camera that uses machine learning to analyze the items you are looking at. The glasses’ AI can identify any item, whether it’s a computer, a pet, or another human being. Once it has received the data, the glasses would record it and upload it to a relevant app. Then, you can take action. 

What Can I Do with the Specs?

According to The Verge, the Specs is a versatile gadget. You can check out pie charts of your daily looking habits to see which items got your attention the most in a day. If you’re anxious about your attention span, you can even set “focus sessions” when you want to concentrate on a task.

Specs can even alert you if you’re looking at the wrong things. The glasses will either shoot light at the corner of your eye or play a sound on the glasses’ built-in speakers.   

What Can the Specs Do?

The company said that the Specs also works with other web and mobile apps to maximize its potential. At launch, the Specs could identify several different activities, like reading, writing, scrolling on your devices, watching TV, working out, and talking to other people. 

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