New Teardown Reveals PS5 Hardware

If you’re curious about what the PS5’s insides look like, look no further. Sony has released a video of a PS5 teardown. During the seven-minute teardown, Sony’s Yasuhiro Ootori guides you through the new hardware.  

What’s Inside the PS5?

The Verge reports that the PS5 has removable sides. Moreover, the console could expel air through the console’s entire rear. If you want to sit your PS5 on its side, you can remove the screw at the console’s base. Then, just turn your console over and clip the screw on the side.  

You can also slide off the white panels on both sides of the console. If you do, you’ll see the PS5’s main cooling fan, sitting at the top. This fan draws air from either side. If you’re afraid of dust getting into your machine, the PS5 has two dust catchers. Just vacuum out the dust through a pair of holes.

PS5 Expandable Storage

The teardown also gives you a look at the PS5’s expandable storage. Once you remove the side panels, you’ll see the M.2 slot for extra storage. If you buy a PS5, you can get PCI3 4.0 drives to get extra storage.

A lot of the PS5’s parts are removable. You can remove the Blu-ray drive and the 350-watt power supply. You also have easy access to the console’s processor, memory, and SSD sections. For cooling, you can watch these first videos to check out the PS5’s cooling system. 

Should I Buy the PS5?

If all this excites you, then head to your nearest store on November 12 to buy the PS5 for $499. If you want to know more about the PS5, watch the full teardown here.

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