New Test Allows Users to Watch Instagram Stories on Facebook

With Facebook’s new test, you might be able to watch Instagram Stories on the blue app. The company didn’t say whether this option would replace Facebook’s existing Stories mode.

Instagram Stories on Facebook

The Verge reports that Facebook users have seen Instagram Stories popping up on their newsfeeds. Before, Facebook had let users post Instagram Stories on the FB app. However, this new test will allow users to watch Stories without switching apps.

You’ll know an Instagram Story if the profile photo’s circle is pink/orange. On the other hand, profile photos for Facebook Stories have blue circles.

Can Any FB User Watch My Instagram Story?

Only your IG followers can watch your IG Stories on Facebook. Not only must they link both their IG and FB accounts, but they also have to opt into the feature. If you’re worried that all of your FB friends can see your IG Stories, the company has got you covered. 

Facebook Confirms Test

Social media consultant Matt Navarra confirmed the limited test with an FB rep. The rep told him that they would listen to user feedback. Moreover, Instagram users have the option to keep their Stories on IG. 

This test is part of FB’s effort to unite all of its apps, such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Last month, Facebook tested out a new direct messaging mode for Instagram. Sooner or later, you can send direct messages between Instagram and Facebook.

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