Nintendo Boosts Switch Production to 30M Units

COVID-19 has worked wonders for Nintendo. As the pandemic continues to force everyone to stay home, the company continues to enjoy a high demand for the Nintendo Switch. 

Consumer Demand for the Nintendo Switch

Bloomberg reports that Nintendo has ramped up Switch production by 20%. In the report, Nintendo has asked its production partners to increase output by 30 million units for the 2020 fiscal year. Earlier, the Japanese game company has targeted 19 million units. Then, Nintendo increased the target to 22 million, until upping it again to 25 million. 

The Runaway Success of Animal Crossing

According to Bloomberg, the smashing success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the high Switch demand. Engadget adds that the console keeps getting sold out in some markets. Sometimes, you can only buy overpriced stock on Amazon. 

People stuck at home are running out of ways to entertain themselves. In times of need, they are turning to video games. 

The Future of the Nintendo Switch

Despite a target of just 19 million consoles, Nintendo has already sold 11.4 million Switches in the last two quarters. 

Nintendo also looks to take advantage of this demand. For next year, Nintendo may be coming out with a new Switch model. Reports say that Nintendo may release a high-end Switch. The company has asked game developers to make 4K upgrades of their games.

Engadget reports that Nintendo may also release more Switch models soon, with high-resolution panels made by Sharp.

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