Previous Vaccines Could Lower Risk of Catching Covid-19

As COVID-19 remains a mystery to science, researchers have found that the virus affects each person differently including vaccines. Moreover, the different COVID-19 effects could be related to a person’s vaccine history. 

The Journey to a COVID-19 Vaccine

Experts from the Mayo Clinic suggested that previous vaccines could reduce the risk of getting COVID-19. If you’ve gotten dosed for pneumonia, hepatitis, and others, you lower the risk of getting COVID-19. Dr. Andrew Badley repeated this finding to CNN on Monday.

Dr. Badley is an infectious disease specialist at the Mayo Clinic. Moreover, Dr. Badley says immune training could result in a lower risk. Like a muscle that gets stronger through exercise, the immune system also works better through vaccines.

No evidence exists to confirm this theory. However, some studies have suggested it could be possible.

More COVID-19 Global Cases 

This news comes as the virus has infected 20 million people worldwide. Moreover, Johns Hopkins says the global death toll could reach 750,000. 

In the US, Johns Hopkins says that COVID-19 has infected over 5 million people, with a death toll of 164,000. However, the average daily new cases dropped to over 54,000 in August. In July, the country recorded an average of over 65,000.

The average death toll in the US has remained at 1,000 over the past two weeks.  

Keeping Safe from COVID-19

Another study said that COVID-19 would have infected 80% of Americans if states did not order social distancing. While the world waits for a vaccine, people should wear masks and stay away from each other to avoid the virus.

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