Privileges and Challenges Defence Personnel and Their Families Face

Privileges and Challenges Defence Personnel and Their Families Face

Privileges and Challenges Defence Personnel and Their Families Face

How does it feel to be an Indian defence personnel? No doubt, euphoric! The Indian defence forces exude courage, valour and discipline. People venerate them with the status of ‘Hero’ for always acting as their protective shield. Whether it is day or night, hot or cold, raining or sunny, they never lay back. They are revered for their fortitude and extraordinary dedication. The Indian Defence forces play a crucial role in deterring threats and ensuring a peaceful environment. These elite forces are known for combating enemy attacks. However, they participate in umpteen peacemaking and rescue operations. We can say that without them our country is a body without a soul. 

There are a throng of youngsters who aim to join the Indian defence forces. AFCAT, CDS, NDA are some of the entrance exams that defence forces conduct. Many young boys enter the defence forces by appearing for the NDA exam. For splendid guidance, they can join an illustrious institute that offers proficient NDA coaching in Chandigarh. Entering the defence forces will bring both privileges and challenges. Being a defence aspirant, you should be well acquainted with every privilege and challenge. 

Go through the following privileges & challenges defence personnel and their families face: 

  • Financial stability and job security

Why are youngsters eager to join the defence forces? The major reason is financial stability and security. Hefty salaries plus uncountable amenities drive youngsters to join the defence forces. Let us tell you, a lieutenant’s salary in defence forces is around Rs 60,000 per month as per sixth pay commission. It is predicted that personnel will relish a good increment after seventh pay commission. Moreover, you’ll always get a salary on time even if the country is going through severe economic turbulence.   

  • Prestigious service

Being a defence personnel, gives you a feeling of pride and honor. Furthermore, you’ll earn a respectable position in society. Living for yourself is quite easy. Saving the lives of others is praiseworthy. For their services and sacrifices, the whole nation bows before them. Love for your motherland will let you earn huge respect and honor. Moreover, the zeal to wear a uniform induces youngsters to join the forces.

Do you want to get the privilege to wear that graceful uniform? If yes, enter the defence forces by cracking the AFCAT exam. You might need a trustworthy source to prepare for the exam. Joining a leading institute that offers proficient AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh can serve you great help. 

  • Benefits for whole family

By joining the defence forces, not only you’ll get benefits but also your family. Some of the benefits for you and your family are:

  • Free education to children.
  • Free air tickets. 
  • Membership to various clubs and gyms.
  • Canteen services.

These are some of the reasons why youngsters yearn to join the Indian defence forces.

  • Professional opportunities

The Indian army offers copious opportunities to their employees. You can pursue higher studies during your service in the defence forces. Moreover, there are various training programs in the defence forces. It aids in brushing up the calibre of defence employees. Collectively all these things help the defence personnel post retirement in finding a suitable job. Thus, professional opportunities make the top most reason for youngsters to enter defence forces.

  • Health benefits

For families of defence forces, the government offers a complete health care plan which is Health Management Organization (HMO). It provides health and dental care to defence personnel and their families at low costs. Thus, families of defence personnel get health care benefits from the defence force. Their hospitals have superior staff that serve defence employees. Additionally, defence employees need not to worry about their health expenses.

  • Post service benefits

Being a defence employee, you’ll not only savour privileges during the job but also after the job. Pension, gratuity and provident fund are some of the benefits you’ll get after retirement. Furthermore, training and education during the job will offer you ample opportunities after retirement. Thus, joining the defence forces can help you in numerous ways.

  • Physical fitness

Have you seen any defence personnel unfit? We know that your answer is no. There are various training sessions in the defence sector that’ll keep you physically fit. Moreover, they hire only those candidates who clear the physical efficiency tests. Thus, during the preparation phase you’ll make enough efforts to keep yourself healthy. This is how you will keep yourself fit and fine by joining the defence forces.

  • Some challenges

Without a doubt, defence personnel enjoy copious benefits. Nevertheless, they overcome numerous challenges as well. Many defence personnel find it hard to accomodate in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad. In addition to it, changing schools in the mid term is tough for children. Another challenge is to get life insurance if a person is posted to a dangerous area. Moreover, there is never a time when there’s not any threat to their life.

However, we should respect defence forces as they serve us regardless of hardships. Are you aiming to join these noble forces? If yes, work hard to qualify the CDS exam. Well, it’s quite hard to clear the exam without guidance. So, linking with an ideal institute that caters brilliant CDS coaching in Chandigarh can serve you great help. 


If your dream is to join the Indian defence forces, go through this article. Joining the defence forces will bring you both tears and joy. Don’t let the fear of suffering from sorrow keep you away from fulfilling your dream. Invest your hard efforts in cracking the defence exams. Remember you’ll earn huge respect and honor after joining these forces. Moreover, you will revel in the privileges of being a defence personnel.

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