Processing in the cloud – what it is actually like

Processing in the cloud – what it is actually like

Processing in the cloud – what it is actually like

Type of cloud and its operation

Specific processing in the cloud depends on type of disk you deal with. There are three most popular types:

  • public,
  • private,
  • hybrid.

Public cloud relies on hosting companies’ servers which can be located anywhere in the world. It is a very popular and inexpensive solution. The main benefits of the public cloud are as follows:
• a reduced need for organizations to invest in and maintain their own on-premises IT resources;
• scalability to meet workload and user demands;
• fewer wasted resources because customers only pay for what they use.

Private cloud allows you to identify a platform as per your preferences. It means that system elements may also be present in the company’s premises. Such solution is safer and provides more control to enterprise owner.

Hybrid cloud combines best features of both solutions. It allows storing data in two places at a time, protecting them against failures arising from hosting companies’ and company employees’ mistakes. These products can be accessed here: https://cloudferro.com/en/.

Choose how to process in the cloud

Operation of every type of cloud is slightly different, thus selection of a suitable solution depends on needs and nature of specific company. Some services are more expensive than others, but in the case of data collected by enterprises, it is important that you prioritize safety. Required files can be lost not only due to failures but also impact of viruses and accidental or intentional activity of third parties.

Clouds give access to files no matter where you are. They are very convenient and let you create backup copies or share files in accordance with your needs. This is why they are so popular with owners of small, medium-sized and large companies.

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