Queen of England’s property portfolio like any other ‘offshore type of arrangement,’ so she can’t lose – Keiser Report

The hosts of RT’s Keiser Report, Max and Stacy, look at the commercial real estate catastrophe roiling property markets in the United Kingdom and United States.

Apparently, according to the Sovereign Grand Act 2011, the overall amount of money given to the Queen each year in order to fund her official duties is never allowed to fall, regardless of what is happening in the broader economy.

“No matter what, the Queen’s income doesn’t go down. She can’t fail,” Stacy says. 

Max agrees that “she can’t lose,” explaining: “If the value of property drops, she is reimbursed, and if it goes up, she keeps the proceeds.”

According to Max, “whether she owns or doesn’t own, the structure is similar to what we would find in any offshore type of arrangement… That’s very well established in Britain, and is probably the world center for that.”

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