Razer Introduces the Light-Up Razer Card

It looks like every tech company is obsessed with making credit cards. First, Apple’s making one, then Google followed, and then Samsung hopped on the train. Now, Razer is joining the fun with the new Razer Card. The Razer Card is a Visa prepaid card that also lights up. 

The Razer Card

In a press statement, Razer said it wants to appeal to the younger generation with the light-up Razer Card. With the Razer Card, the company aims to give customers a “unique gamified rewards experience.” Gizmodo adds that the Razer Card works similarly to a typical rewards program. You buy stuff and do tasks, and you redeem credit card rewards.

The Card should work with Razer Pay. If you buy stuff with the Razer Card, you’ll get 1% cashback every time. If you buy things at the RazerStore, or you buy Gold items, you’ll get 5% cashback.

How Do I Get the Razer Card?

If you want the Razer Card, you could choose the e-wallet version, the standard black card, or the premium card. More importantly, it’s the premium card that lights up when you pay. 

However, you can only get the Razer Card in Singapore. The company also hasn’t said whether it wants to export the card to other countries. For now, if you’re in Singapore, you’ll have to hope that you belong to the lucky 1,337 users who can use the beta version of the card.  

Do I Need the Razer Card?

Razer says that you only need to be 16 years old to use the card. So, maybe it’s good that the Razer Card is prepaid.

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