Remedies To Save Your Business From Account Hijacking

Remedies To Save Your Business From Account Hijacking

Remedies To Save Your Business From Account Hijacking

With the rise in cyber-attacks, it’s estimated that cyber-criminals will steal approx. Thirty-five million business records by the end of 2025.

Most of the times, invading your security is not the only intention of these hijackers. They have any to every reason to penetrate your account. Maybe, the sheer destruction and destroying of your reputation among your customers is their primary goal.

Studies found that over 7 billion records were breached over the last ten years, and the threats are gradually increasing with every other day. At this stage, it has become essential for companies to safeguard their accounts against cyber malware by improving their online security.

Once hacked, your account can be used for anything on the web. You can never undo the hacker’s damage, but you can always take measures to prevent it.

Tips To Save Business From Account Hijacking

Every other day businesses are being victims of massive hacking attacks. If you don’t want to experience the same, here are a few tips that you can take to prevent your account from cyber infiltrations.

1.      Update Two-Step Verifications

Two-step verification is also known as two-factor authentication. You must update your account’s password with this method to protect it from any unauthorized access.

The method includes a password that the user knows and a code delivered to the account holder’s mobile phone.

This tactic grants the user access to the account or website after successfully presenting two or more shreds of evidence to a verification mechanism.

Updating two-step verification to your passwords put an extra barrier between your account and cybercriminals who try to mug your data.

It is the immediate action you can take to shield your business information.


2.      Get A Strong Antivirus

Make sure you have powerful spyware or antivirus software to protect your systems from any malicious programs.

A strong antivirus increases your business information security with real-time protection from threats and attacks like ransomware and malware.

Two of the best antiviruses you can install in 2021:

·         F-secure SAFE

It is easy to use software that can protect all of your devices and has plenty of features that can efficiently detect malware threats.

·         Avast Business Antivirus Pro

One of the amplest desktop and server antivirus that has standout features like rescue disk, data shredder, automatic third party updates, etc.

3.      Select The Right Cloud Service

Choosing the right cloud service serves as a watchdog for all external traffic. Once the exemplary cloud service is installed, the web application firewall will provide you with an absolute peace of mind.

It can block all the hacking attempts and filters out unnecessary rush like spammers and bad bots.

It is crucial to pick the right cloud service to handle all of your subtle and sensitive data. Make sure the service you choose encrypts data in transit and at rest.

To protect your account thoroughly, you can use cloud services like Microsoft Azure.

4.      Beware Of Phishing Emails

To prevent your account from phishing attacks, think hundred times before you click on a link, file or site, even if it seems to be a legitimate source. Phishers often send links via emails, texts or can happen crossways social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Phishing emails contain malware and famous bots for cyber mayhem. Once clicked, the phishers can easily steal your information.

The easiest way to safeguard your account from such scams is by hovering over these link and attachments and checks the sender’s email address.

If you’re getting an email from an unknown sender with no context and it contains link or attachments. Beware!

5.      Consider Security Tightening

Security tightening is also known as system hardening. The process involves deactivating superfluous software to avoid loopholes and aligning your operating system for maximum security.

According to academic writing services, tightening network security ensures that:

  • Passwords are changed often.
  • Login expires after a short time of inactivity.
  • All devices plugged into the network are inspected for malware.

It also chunks dubious sites to reduce the possibilities of your account being affected by spyware and viruses.

The process is typically carried out to diminish hacking exposure and upsurge defensive layers.

6.      Hire White Hat Hackers

White hat hacking is not the typical malicious hacking, but it’s for a good cause.


White hat hackers conduct complex hacking tests to recognize weak dots in the security of your system. After they identify these vulnerable points, they will provide preventive recommendations with subject to your security risks.

For the best safety practice, you can conduct penetration and white hat hacking tests.

Most of the academic sites to buy dissertation sates,

Developers can easily detect gaps in your system’s security and plug them by fixing a security gap before the hackers exploit them. When your data is not stolen, it can also help your business from preventing financial loses.

7.      Use Trusted E-Commerce Platform

With the rise in cybercrimes and e-commerce, hackers have started targeting e-commerce sites. If the hacker finds a vulnerable website, they skillfully search out those websites using languages and software and employ these feats to infuse malware, rob data, and control the system.

Choosing a good e-commerce platform not only hosts your business but also takes care of your security concerns. They continuously keep an eye on all the stores on their platform and deploy solutions for underlying security issues before they become a problem.

8.      Update Everything And Stay Updated

Your software and site need to be up to date. Whenever you have a security update, get it done right away.


It’s essential to update everything and stay updated to save your account from hijacking. Outdated software is vulnerable and easy for potential attackers to strike your system.

To make hackers stay away from your software and operating system, make sure your programs run the latest versions. Accept updates from your software to have the most updated fixes to stop a breaching attack.


No matter if you are a small business or a large enterprise, protecting your company’s account is essential for you. It helps you stay away from data breaches and aids your business’s financial security.

To adequately protect your business from hijacking, make sure you know vulnerabilities your business might be exposed to and employ remedies to prevent them from cyber-attacks.

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