RT’s Boom Bust explores what’s wrong with the US healthcare system & how to make it work better

Hundreds of primary care facilities could be set up across the United States in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Boom Bust brings in some expert analysis on the move and the health sector in the country.

We’re joined by Rick Sanchez, host of the News with Rick Sanchez and founder of a managed healthcare company in South Florida, which is the fastest growing in the United States, according to Inc. Magazine.

Healthcare in the United States has “forever been very fragmented,” Rick says, pointing out that “most people don’t know who their doctors are.” It is necessary to centralize the information within the whole system, he adds.

“Healthcare is unbelievably costly in the United States and our healthcare compared to other countries sucks… Big companies are controlling who takes care of your health because they are getting paid more and they control what kind of coverage you are going to get.”

According to Rick, the patient needs to be independent, deciding what insurance he wants to get and which one fits his needs.

“If we can create a system around the country where there are networks of doctors instead of networks of insurance companies, that could be good,” he concludes.

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