Shoot Vertical Videos with Apple Clips’ Latest Update

Apple Clips is getting a 3.0 update that allows you to shoot vertical or landscape videos in different aspect ratios on your iPhone or iPad.

If you use Apple Clips, you might appreciate the app’s latest update. The Clips 3.0 update allows you to record in different aspect ratios, like 16:9 or 4:3. You can also use these aspect ratios when you record from your iPhone or iPad. 

Apple Clips 3.0

The Verge reports that Clips 3.0 allows users to record videos in both vertical and landscape modes on the iPhone and iPad. Before the update, Clips could only record in square mode. Even your exported videos are all square. However, the rise of video-sharing apps like TikTok means Clips has to go with the times. 

You can also use more assets in your videos. These assets include title “posters,” royalty-free songs, stickers, and speech bubble shapes. 

What Else Is New with Clips?

If you shoot videos with your iPhone 12’s rear camera, you can use Apple’s Dolby HDR. You can use Dolby HDR while recording and exporting videos, too. Moreover, you can see previews of your video before posting on a social media app. You also get an export button if you want to send the video to a friend for editing.

Clips will also letterbox your videos by default. If your project has more vertical clips, Clips will export a vertical video. The same is true the other way around. 

Live Captions

With Clips, you can also create live captions for your videos. The app lets you transcribe speech to write the captions directly in the video. Also, your chosen song adapts to the length of your video.

You can use your iPad to shoot and edit your video. Once you finish, you can sync the file across your devices using iCloud.

The Apple Clips 3.0 update should come out today.

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