Signify Recalls Philips Hue Power Supplies for Shock Risk

Signify, the maker of Philips Hue, has recalled its power supplies for possibly short-circuiting while wet and shocking users.

If you own Philips Hue power supplies, here’s a heads-up. A statement from Signify reveals that the company is recalling power supplies because of shock risk. If you get the unit wet, the thing could short-circuit and shock you. 

Philips Hue Recall

The Verge reports that the recalled products got shipped with six outdoor lights. In particular, Signify recalls the power supplies for these products:

  •     Lily spotlights
  •     Lily XL spotlights
  •     Calla pedestal lights
  •     Calla Large pedestal lights
  •     Econic pedestal lights
  •     Impress pedestal lights

Moreover, Signify says the recalled products got shipped between 2018 and 2020. However, the company adds that not all users can replace their models. If you want to know if your unit got recalled, check for it at the Signify website. 

Philips Hue Replacements

Signify promises to ship free replacement power supplies to owners. In America, 21,000 defective units got sold. On the other hand, the company stressed that the shock risk is low. A spokesperson told The Verge that users would have to be very careless to get shocked. You’d have to plug the unit into an outlet with no trip feature. Next, you’d have to touch it while it’s on and while it’s completely underwater. 

Signify’s Quality Standards

Moreover, the company said that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission had not required it to recall the units. Signify noted that it did so because it wanted to live up to customers’ expectations of quality.

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