Silicon Valley Startup Whisper Launches Smart Hearing Aids

Silicon Valley startup Whisper has launched smart hearing aids called the Whisper Hearing System, which uses AI learning to process sounds.

If smart hearing-aids weren’t a thing yet, they would be soon. Silicon Valley startup Whisper has launched the AI-powered Whisper Hearing System this week. The company also said they received a $35 million Series B investment. 

The Whisper Hearing System

Gizmodo reports that the Whisper hearing aids use AI to “process sound in real-time” so the user hears it better, no matter where they are. If you buy the system, you’ll get the earpieces, a pocket device called “Whisper Brain,” and the Whisper app. The Whisper Brain device runs Whisper’s AI Sound Separation Engine.

In a statement, Whisper said that the Whisper Brain is the nerve center of the whole system. The company adds that it is always working to refine the Brain’s ability to spot and process all kinds of sounds. These sounds include conversations and background noises.

CEO Andrew Song said that his startup wanted to build a new kind of hearing aid that could improve over time. He adds that the Whisper Hearing System could better support the lives of people with hearing aids. 

Whisper’s $35 Million Investment

According to Gizmodo, Quiet Capital led Whisper’s $35 million Series B investment. Moreover, Sequoia Capital and First Round Capital backed the project. In all, the investing round brought Whisper $53 million in funding. 

When Can I Get the Whisper Hearing System?

The Whisper Hearing System comes as a subscription. If you want one, you’ll have to get the three-year plan, which costs $179 a month. The program includes ongoing care from a local hearing doctor, a lease of the system, and software upgrades. Also, you’ll get a three-year warranty that covers loss and damage.

You can get the Whisper Hearing System at a local practice across the US soon.

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