Smile More Dental Clinic : Zirconia Crowns in the Philippines

Smile More Dental Clinic : Zirconia Crowns in the Philippines

Smile More Dental Clinic : Zirconia Crowns in the Philippines

The search for the suitable material to make dental prostheses has been going on for centuries, starting from bone and wood, to more recently arriving at gold and porcelain. For some time, a particular material has been gaining ground on the market: Zirconia. Properly called Zirconium Oxide, it combines the strength of metals, the biocompatibility of gold, and the brilliant white of porcelain: for these reasons it is becoming increasingly popular in the field of dental prostheses and is used above all for crowns.

Generally, zirconia prostheses are supplied to dental laboratories in the form of a cubic block, naturally white in color that is shaped by a computerized cutter, making it take the desired shape and coming out of the machine ready to be cemented on a natural tooth or on an implant.

More and more in recent months, crowns in stratified zirconia made by modeling a mix of ceramic and zirconia with the aim of creating a perfect prosthesis both in aesthetic and functional aspects are spreading.

Among other things, thanks to the hardness of Zirconia, crowns made of this material can be less thick than those in metal-ceramic, favoring less filling of the natural tooth. All this procedure can be done in a much shorter time than traditional prostheses (usually a few weeks).

Another great advantage of zirconia crowns is the total lack of metal; actually, no metal element that is not completely compatible with the organism will be placed inside the mouth. For this reason, zirconia crowns are defined as ” Metal-Free “.And we are not

only used ceramic material for Fixed Bridge but also used titanium metal type.

Furthermore, this innovative type of dental prosthesis allows achieving aesthetic results of great value. The translucency of zirconia emerges, even more, thanks to careful filing and smoothing processes. It allows for the production of aesthetically perfect products that fully comply with the original teeth of each individual patient.

In fact, zirconia crowns in the philippines, precisely because of their aesthetic characteristics, are absolutely preferable to traditional ones for replacing dental elements with a high aesthetic impact: incisors and canines.

We offer Zirconia crowns as the most popular choice of dental crown material selected by most patients going to Smile More Dental Clinic, due to their supreme esthetic and durable attributes. In future, this is the long term investment on restoring the damaged or faulty and decayed teeth.

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