Snapchat Makes Subscriber Count Public

Snapchat now allows creators to publicly display their subscriber counts, opening influencers to business with brands on the platform.

If you’re curious about the number of your Snapchat subscribers, the app can now answer you. Now, the company lets creators reveal their subscriber count to the public. For the first time, Snapchat has given users a look into their audiences. 

Snapchat Subscriber Count

Tubefilter reports that users have the choice to display subscriber counts or not. This news comes as part of Snapchat’s series of updates. These updates focus on creators, too. With this update, you can now see how many people subscribe to celebrity accounts. 

Here are the Snapchat creators with the most subscribers:

  •     Kylie Jenner (36.4 million)
  •     Charli D’Amelio (13.7 million)
  •     DJ Khaled (13.4 million)
  •     David Dobrik (6.8 million)
  •     Donald Trump (1.9 million) 

Snapchat Updates

In September, Snapchat let users create permanent public profiles. These profiles contain a user’s bio, most popular content, and Lens usage. Previously, the app reserved these profiles for verified creators. If you have a public profile, you can let your team members access it. Your team can now manage your account in all aspects. 

Social Media Branding

The Verge reports that Snapchat might be following other social media platforms. For example, brands look at follower counts on Instagram. Follower counts and engagement tell brands how big you are on the app. On the other hand, brands would have to ask creators to share these numbers before signing a deal.

However, since Snapchat has made these numbers public, brands don’t have to take these extra steps. More influencers might start doing business there.

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