Sony Offers First Look Into PS5 Ahead of November 12 Launch

Being a Japanese YouTuber must be nice. Some Japanese YouTubers and magazines got to try the PS5 for the first time recently. After the trials, the testers released photos of the PS5 and some gameplay footage.  

Sony PS5: First Look

You can check out some of the PS5 photos at the Japanese website 4gamer. From the pictures, you can see the console standing upright or lying horizontally. The console seems to come with a stand that will hold it in place. 

The Verge adds that the photos also show how the PS5 should cool itself. While trying out the console, 4gamer noted that they did not hear its fans and did not feel it heating up.

First Look: PS5 Hardware

According to The Verge, the Japanese testers also found a mysterious silver latch near the top-right portion of the PS5. They guess that the latch should play a role in the PS5’s extended storage, using SSD drives. Maybe you could pull out the latch to reveal the PS5’s hidden SSD drive. However, Sony has not confirmed how the PS5’s extended storage works.

The PS5 is big, and here are some photos to prove it. Looking at the pictures, you might have to clear some space on your TV stand to fit your hulking new console.

First Look: DualSense Controller

The Japanese YouTubers and magazines also got to test out the new DualSense controller. Among the controller’s new features are the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. With the new triggers, you can adjust trigger resistance for certain gameplay effects. The DualSense also has a microphone and a USB-C.

In terms of UI, you can check out Sony’s PS5 UI teaser here.

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