Sony Revamps the Playstation App

Sony announced that it has updated the PlayStation App to give the app more features, such as remotely installing and deleting games on the PS5.

Sony’s giving you more to look forward to when you buy a PS5. The company announced updating the PlayStation App. These updates include Messages and remotely installing and deleting games on the PS5. Moreover, you can expect the new App on iOS and Android today. 

The New PlayStation App

In a blog post, Sony lists what you can expect from the new PlayStation App. Here are some of these new features:

  •     A new home screen
  •     PS Messages folding into PS App
  •     Creating Party Groups and voice chat directly in the PS App
  •     Buying games from the native PlayStation Store in the PS App
  •     Remotely downloading games and add-ons to the PS4 and PS5
  •     Signing in to your PS5 using the PS App
  •     Launch games or manage storage for the PS5 from the PS App 

Why You Might Need the PlayStation App

Kotaku guesses that Sony’s new update would improve the App. With the update, the PlayStation App would rise to the same level as the Xbox counterpart. Once the PS App rolls out today, you could see for yourself. Sony also added a note to the PS4’s recent 8.00 firmware update. You might recall that this update gave gamers a hard time. For example, the update made joining Party Chat a lot harder. 

A Word from Sony

Sony VP Hideaki Nishino wrote that the company has started looking into gamers’ feedback around the 8.00 update and Party Chat. While the company hasn’t given updates about the 8.00 situation, it thanks gamers for voicing their concerns.

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