Sony Says Sorry for PS5 Pre-Order Chaos

With Sony announcing a November PS5 release, the company has also begun pre-orders for the new console. However, the pre-orders quickly became chaotic. Global retailers accepted pre-orders at different times, causing a massive mess for gamers racing for the PS5.

Sony has apologized for the confusion. 

Sony PS5 Pre-order Fiasco

Kotaku reports that the mess began on September 16, right after Sony played its PS5 showcase video. First, Sony said that pre-orders would start as early as September 17. However, Walmart and other stores had different ideas.

These stores activated pre-orders as soon as Sony’s showcase ended. Seeing this opening, thousands of people flocked to these stores. Stocks quickly ran out, which sent people scurrying to other online stores. Moreover, Sony stayed quiet about what was going on.

Up to now, people are still looking to pre-order a PS5. 

Sony’s Apology

On September 20, Sony finally issued an apology. In a tweet, Sony admitted that they could have done a better job with the pre-orders. Sony said it would give more PS5 stocks to retailers for pre-order. 

Through the end of this year, Sony adds that it will continue to offer PS5s for sale.  

Other Next-Gen Consoles

In response to the Sony fiasco, Microsoft said they would start pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and S at an exact time. The consoles would launch on November 20.

Meanwhile, the PS5 is launching on November 12, in two editions. One is the main edition, with a disc drive, which should cost $499. The other model is the digital-only version, costing $299.

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