Sounds very Trumpian! RT’s Boom Bust looks at Trump’s plan to start ‘biggest’ & ‘best’ social media network

This week was marked by a bombshell dropped by a spokesperson for former US president Donald Trump, Jason Miller, who said that Trump is coming back to social media – but this time on his own network.

RT’s Boom Bust is joined by the program co-host Ben Swann to explore what lies behind Trump’s ambitious plan to return to social media and who could help him accomplish this.

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The journalist highlighted that Trump’s long-time adviser gave almost no details on the issue, having outlined a vague timeline of about three months.

“The whole thing, we’re going to be honest, sounds very Trumpian. It’s gonna be the biggest, it’s gonna be best, everyone’s gonna love it, everyone’s gonna want it, but they are very short on details,” Swann said, adding that the former president is probably discussing the issue with some companies right now.

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