The secret of escape games: why are they so good and which is the best?

The secret of escape games: why are they so good and which is the best?

The secret of escape games: why are they so good and which is the best?

At the same time, we should accept that there are more careful fellow men among us who need more pieces of evidence before tasting a new thing. Nevertheless, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, in the following we bring the great thrill and the secret of the escape rooms closer to you to be daring to experience them in person soon!

A short bio

With its not completely 20 years, 3D, in-real escape games belong to modern free-time activities. However, the original, online versions are a bit older.

Escape games are constantly improved by engineers, scientists, psychologists, and designers to ensure an always higher standard for the growing requirements according to the latest technical developments.

The precursors of the escape rooms, besides the online game, might be the entertainer parks’ haunted houses and the interactive theatres. A big difference is that escape games provide the players with more than only adrenaline-bomb; they are more than board games in 3D (Have you watched Jumanji?) or interactive horror films.

abagpackedmaninfrontofawoodendoorstandinginthenatureEscape rooms: the encoded success

However, there are countless variations of the escape games, their main concept is: find the exit!

The scene of the different rooms is distinct and usually generates a unique mysterious atmosphere there. Closing the door behind you, you will find yourself in a detective story or in the latest Bond film: No evidence, everything is suspicious, “wearing” a poker face. “Where should I start? What kind of logic should I follow? Do I look for a key, a code, or something else?” The quantity of the questions is exponentially growing, nevertheless, the countdown has already started.

In most escape rooms, you are not alone with your fears surrounded by a doubtful environment. A small team of your friends is with you to figure out the secret of the escape room while you are imperceptively strengthening your cooperation skills. Finding the first traces might be the most difficult. After that, as a chain reaction, the investigation begins and rapidly goes forward.

In spite of this, looking at the clock, the mission might seem impossible to carry out. Then your survival instinct wakes up all your sleeping skills and even the unknown talents, so you will be able to sort out difficulties that you had never met before.

Escape rooms are not the places of getting frightened, but places where we can face our biggest fears and cope with them.

The greatest advantage of the escape rooms is their reality. When you are in the room, you can completely be immersed, forget about the outside world. Finally, your brain focuses on new challenges: these are unknown exercises for it.

Consequently, you can believe that you are in trouble and you will train your surviving skills under stress, nevertheless, you are totally safe. Furthermore, after the game, already on the way back home, you will admit that you are able to perform better than you have thought before.

40-60 minutes out of your comfort zone; meeting mind-boggling challenges; learning better yourself; having a great time with the friends; discovering hidden talents of you; practicing performance under stress; becoming Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Dr. House, Mr. Bond, or Ethan Hunt for a while; carrying out mission impossibles…. And the list of the secrets and charms of the escape rooms just cannot be completed. Further answers are in the escape rooms. Go for them!

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