These Wireless Earbuds Fit Every Ear Shape Perfectly

Not all ears are created equal. Some have small ear canals, while others have large ones. This difference makes finding perfectly fitting earbuds a challenge. But don’t worry, Ultimate Ears is rolling out wireless earbuds that molds themselves to your ear shape, whatever it is. 

The Ultimate Ears UE Fits Earbuds

Gizmodo reports that Ultimate Ears calls its new wireless earbuds the UE Fits. How does it work? Once you put them in, the earbuds’ gel-filled tips and LED lights scan your ear shape. After that, they harden to fit your ears’ contours perfectly. The process takes under a minute to finish.

The company claims that its “fitting system” lets people listen to music for hours without pressure, pain, or irritation. 

More on the UE Fits Earbuds

While they don’t have active noise cancellation, the UE Fits’ fitting system allows them to block out ambient noise. You’ll also get eight hours of listening time on a single charge. With the charging case, you’ll enjoy up to 20 hours. As far as wireless range goes, you can get a Bluetooth signal up to 50 feet.

If you like to use earbuds while working out, you’ll enjoy the UE Fits. They are sweat-proof and water-resistant. Like other wireless earbuds, you can also control your music and answer calls from the buds themselves. However, you’ll need the companion app if you want to customize your buds for voice assistant support or track skipping.

How Much Are the UE Fits?

You can grab the UE Fits for $249, roughly the same price as Apple’s AirPods Pro. However, perfectly fitting earbuds should be worth the money. 

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