Three SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2021

Three SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2021

Three SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2021

Looking to maximise your organic search engine traffic in 2021? Here are three SEO mistakes that you need to avoid.

Search engine optimisation is in a constant state of Flux. The most important thing that you need to know about SEO is that is constantly changing. The strategies and techniques that were effective 5 or 6 years ago are likely to be ineffective or considered a black hat technique in 2021. As such, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest developments to understand what Google wants and how you can deliver content and an SEO strategy that attracts more online visitors.

Working with a Sydney SEO agency is one way to avoid these problems altogether. For many small to medium sized businesses it may be Beyond the realm of their budget to hire a search engine optimisation company. If that is the case, this article should shed some light on some of the SEO strategies that you need to avoid in order to have an effective online strategy in 2021.


1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing


Ranking well for SEO means understanding that there is a fine line between using your keywords liberally and stuffing them in a way that Google finds to be black hat. As far as the optimum keyword density goes, we recommend sticking below 1% for your copy. That means that if you are writing an article that is 1000 words long aim to use the keyword somewhere between 8 to 10 times in your copy.

2. Avoid Low Quality Links


There is no getting around it, backlinks continue to play a central role in the way that your website ranks on Google. What we recommend is creating links that add value to your users and insuring that you abide by Google’s best practices. Creating high-quality content resources is the most effective way to generate legitimate, high authority links for your website. Instead of going through the process of outreach to hundreds of different websites, try writing 1 high quality piece of content and see how many links it generates.

3. Do Not Over Optimise Your Content


One of the things that you need to know about SEO is that Google is getting more sophisticated in the way that you can understand and rank content. As such, you do not need to go overboard with optimising your content. Make sure that you are writing for users instead of trying to simply optimise for search engines by doing this you are going to create a more positive online experience and increase your chances of converting visitors and creating hey repeat audience.



Search engine optimisation is set to change a lot over the next 12 months. The only way to ensure that you are going to come through the other end with more traffic, better rankings, and improve search engine visibility is by implementing a strategy that puts the user at the front of each decision that you make.



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