Top 5 lakes in Switzerland

Top 5 lakes in Switzerland

Top 5 lakes in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous as the home of the mountains. However, it also has more than 1,500 lakes. Almost all cities are beside the shores of lakes.

Switzerland’s excellent carrier system makes it manageable to access almost all bigger lakes in the country.

Today we will show you the top five lakes in Switzerland.

Lake Zurich:

Lake Zurich is easy to visit because it is located right in the biggest city of Switzerland. It is a banana-shaped lake. The lake is framed by beautiful hills, many of them created by glaciers.

The 88.66 square kilometers lake is divided between three cantons: canton of Zurich, St.Gallen and Schwyz. There are charming towns and villages in all three cantons covering the lake. It includes the medieval town of Rapperswil and the village of Lachen SZ.


Lake Zurich is popular for its marvelous houses and villas, and cheerful beaches. There are also plenty of spots around the lake’s shoreline. If there is one thing not to forget, it would be riding on a historic paddle-steamer.  If you are thinking about travel to Switzerland, you should Hike above Lake Zurich and enjoy the exciting moments.

The huge Lake Zurich. Photo by switzerlandbylocals.com
The huge Lake Zurich. Photo by switzerlandbylocals.com

Lake Hallwil:

Lake Hallwil is in the Canton of Aargau and Lucerne, Switzerland. However, only the southern tip of the lake catches the canton of Lucerne. Its surface is nearly 10.3 km². The beautiful place make it a prominent vacation place. What is unique about Lake Hallwil is, that you can surround almost the whole Lake by foot directly on the shore.


Lake Hallwil features several fascinating highlights. There are the Hallwyl Castle and a stilt house, as well as chances for a refreshing swim.


Beautiful Lake Hallwil. Photo by switzerlandbylocals.com
Beautiful Lake Hallwil. Photo by switzerlandbylocals.com

Lake Walen:

Lake Walen is also known as Walensee.

It is one of the bigger lakes in Switzerland and surrounded by impressive mountain walls. At Lake Walensee you can also visit the biggest waterfall of Switzerland called Seerenbachfalls.

The lake stands roughly an hour away from Zürich. There are direct trains from Zürich to Lake Walen.


Lake Geneva:

Lake Geneva is another beautiful lake, which is shared with France. It is a crescent-shaped intense lake in Switzerland overlooked by the Swiss Alps.

The lake is well known not only for its size but also its jaw-dropping beauty. It is surrounded by mountain peaks and boasting views.

People can book a cruise, comfortably enjoy outstanding sights. It is also an incredible place to go windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, rowing, sailing, etc. Don’t miss the UNESCO World heritage “Lavaux” if you are visiting Lake Geneva.


Lake Bachalpsee:

Bachalpsee is also recognized as Bachsee. It is located above the resort town of Grindelwald.

The distinguished ski resort takes around 1.5 hours for the hike up to the lake. You can also start your hike from Grindelwald First cable car station. Views of the surrounding glaciers, mountains, and meadows make the travelers visit. People get surprises when the scenery looks a little familiar. The area around Grindelwald has provided a backdrop for numerous famous movies.


The lake itself stands at a height of 2,265 meters above sea level. It is only accessible by foot. Hiking to the lake is easy and brags stunning views of the snow-capped peaks, cascades, and hills. There is a bench to relax and enjoy the gloriousness of Bachalpsee’s surroundings.


In the article, we tried to provide the top lakes in Switzerland. I hope you will have the essential information about the best lakes. Check out here for more unique Switzerland tips.

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