TOP Best-Visited Cities in New Zealand THIS SUMMER

TOP Best-Visited Cities in New Zealand THIS SUMMER

TOP Best-Visited Cities in New Zealand THIS SUMMER

New Zealand is a unique country, known for its fabulous landscapes. Here, you can see everything that one can wish for. Go to see old volcanoes covered with green and fresh rainforests, spend time in caves and beaches, farmlands and fjords, you can’t find anywhere else. But the most amazing thing that you’ll see in New Zealand is its amazing cities.

Do you know how many cities New Zealand counts? You can find more than 40 interesting places! The city life is very active here. It is really difficult to choose between two interesting places, picking just one of them and forgetting about another. Sure enough, if you have enough time for traveling, you can hire a car and explore two or three cities in New Zealand. Which of them are mostly recommended for tourists? To answer this, you need more information about the country.

Why visit New Zealand?

  • Country of adventures: New Zealand offers a vast number of interesting adventures for tourists. If you are tired of hiking, surfing, sailing, try bungee jumping?
  • Country of a unique culture: Here, in New Zealand, you can experience the haka, ceremonial Māori dance, and learn more about Māori culture in daily life.
  • Country of stunning fjords: To see all the spectacular fjords in the Fiordland National Park you need the help of a car hire Auckland airport. You have a chance to explore the stunning natural features by boat, kayak, or air.
  • Country wildlife: New Zealand is home to different plants and animals. You can buy a safari tour, swim with dolphins, penguins, take a whale-watching cruise, and many others.

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Most interesting cities in New Zealand

  • Visit Auckland

Meet the largest and the best-visited city in New Zealand! Obviously, this is an economical center of the country with most of the international businesses and their head-offices. The city infrastructure welcomes tourists with numerous restaurants, coffee shops, museums, galleries, and fashion boutiques.

Speaking about the tourist attractions, Auckland offers many different water sports and cruises. You can rent a water taxi or a fishing boat to go fishing or watch the sea animals. The sea coast is covered with white sandy beaches and unique wildlife. There are several islands along the coastline. You can visit Waiheke, the island of wine. The tour program includes visiting vineyards and tasting wines.



  • Visit Cambridge

If you are a nature addicted person, everything is ok with you. Just drive your hired car to Cambridge, known as a town of trees and horses. Locals know that Cambridge is rather small but has already gained a reputation of being the equine capital of New Zealand. It was given the most beautiful large town award.

Probably, the main activity why tourists come to Cambridge is to visit the Hobbiton movie set. Everyone knows that the world popular film Lord of Rings was shot right here. Buy one of many daily tours to see the film location, immerse yourself in the smells, sights, and sounds of this old movie.

  • Visit Wellington

Wellington is the third best-requested city for tourists. Locals call it the Windy Welly because of wild winds moving through the city territory. But even the strongest wind can’t stop tourists from visiting this area again and again. Why?

Wellington is unofficially called the cultural heart of the country. There are many museums, galleries, theatres, and art centres in the city. Also, this is a place where you can try national dishes, home-made food, craft drinks, visit Michelin restaurants, and participate in the street food festivals. What is more, Wellington is surrounded by mountains from one side and a beautiful harbor from the other side. You’ll absolutely love it!

Of course, these three cities are worth visiting. Tourists from all over the world come to New Zealand, hire a car at the airport, and go explore the cities and countryside. Just read some information about TOP visited cities of New Zealand and pick one or two according to your interests. This is how you can know that you won’t waste time and money.

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