Top Tools to Use for Social Media Management

Top Tools to Use for Social Media Management

Top Tools to Use for Social Media Management

Almost 4 billion people are using social media. Social media has changed the shape of the world like none other technology. And it is going to change it furthermore in upcoming days. Social media was managed by the people but these days, its use has expanded in a way that we need separate tools for social media management. In this article, you will get to know about the importance of social media and its famous platforms, what is social media management? And top recommended tools for social media management. Let us get started with social media;

Social Media and Its Importance:

Basically, social media was made to provide a platform for friends and families to get closer. But with the passage of time, its use went viral and businesses took it as a key of publicity. Now social media is considered as the most powerful tool for connecting people and sharing information. Can you imagine nearly 4 billion people out of 7.5 billion are using social media on daily basis?

Social media is a group of websites and applications that are used to share ideas and any type of data i.e., photos, videos, documents and personal information. Social media is internet-based platform and provides electronic communications. Six major apps of social media are Facebook 2.7 billion users, YouTube 2.3 billion users, WhatsApp 2 billion users, Facebook messenger 1.3 billion users, Instagram 1,2 billion and Twitter. Some new applications are also in comparison with these gigantic apps like Tiktok which has more than 650 million users worldwide. Managing all these and other apps is very necessary for the user. For this purpose, we use social media management tools.

Social Media Management:

Social media management is basically the practice of posting and analyzing the data on social media platforms. You can make it complex as per requirements, for example, it can be used for providing community services. Measuring and reporting social media campaigns are also a part of social media management. Managing the businesses which are based on social media pages are also one of the major aspects of social media management.

You can monitor the online conversations and events and control them. There is a much need for new ideas for businesses and web content social media management also required there as managers can give best strategies to run on. Hence social media and its management is a huge platform for making both, direct and indirect money. You can be an entrepreneur or you can work for someone on this platform for making good and handsome amount of money.

Characteristics Of Tools For Social Media Management:

Now let us elaborate the importance of social media management tools. We will recommend the list of best tools for this purpose. But before that keep in mind the basic characteristics of the tools should have. A good tool should have an automate facility. You should be able to analyze the data and pages with that tool. A tool should have better control over the social media platforms. You can create and manage the contents easily. It should be user friendly and inexpensive.

Best Available Tools For Social Media Management:

Here is the list of the best tools available for social media management. Every tool has its own special features. You should use the one that fits best according to your needs.

Meet Edgar:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Meet Edgar is a best tool when it comes to automation of social media. It is a cloud based tool which can be used to handle almost every platform of social media. Other than automation, Meet Edgar can be used for the content library, video supporting and links tracking. Meer Edgar can be used for any size of business, whether it is small, medium or large. With the help of its amazing automation, you can manage category-based content also. Meet Edgar can be joined with other applications also, in case your desired results are not getting produced, you can get integration with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and many other browsers.


You cannot ignore buffer when it comes to social media management. It buffs your management as efficiently as it should. Especially social media scheduling is very impressive in buffer. You can schedule post for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can gain as many slots as you pay but 10 slots for time schedule are free. There is an extension of buffer app known as buffer for business. It is used to managing and scheduling of social media business accounts. It gives to a deep sight in analytics for businesses. You can compare different aspects such as clicks and posts. You can have different statistics on the basis of which you can analyze your business


One of the best and oldest tools for social media management is Hootsuite. It was launched in 2008. It is the most used tool for social media management. It can be used for any managing activity like content writing, organizing the data, scheduling monitoring and many more features. It is well known in every field and people appreciate its services. Other than marketing, they have expertise in educational services as well. You can go for bulk scheduling required in educational systems. A great tool that does not require a third-party integration but has an option to do so. Basic platform which it handles are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest

Social Pilot:

If you cannot afford a costly tool, and you want great performance in various departments, we recommend you Social Pilot. It is a simple and cost-effective tool having a range from 10 to 80 dollars per month. It has special features of content handling in various fields. Whether it is fitness related or technology related or education related. Moreover, client management is also an impressive feature of the social pilot.


Social media has changed the shape of the world like none other. We require tools to handle our different social media platform so that we may easily manage our social media accounts.

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