Total Home Protection 2021 Update with Sales Manager Aaron Regev

Total Home Protection 2021 Update with Sales Manager Aaron Regev

Total Home Protection 2021 Update with Sales Manager Aaron Regev

Total Home Protection is a home warranty company that has been in high demand these days! Having seen a dramatic increase in business (much like many in the home warranty industry) as a result of the lockdowns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To answer our questions on the company’s progression moving forward, we’ve invited Total Home Protection’s Sales Manager, Aaron Regev, for what we hope is an enlightening interview!

Hello! Before we get into the details, why don’t we start with an introduction for our readers?

Aaron Regev: Hello, my name is Aaron Regev. As stated, I am a Sales Manager for Total Home Protection. I’ve been in the sales business for a long time, used to work with another company—from a completely different industry—before joining the THP team. But, of course, I’ve made sure to familiarize myself with the home warranty business as soon as I began, and I plan to continue learning what I can for the rest of my tenure at the company.

Thank you! Now, for our readers who may not have heard of Total Home Protection before. How would you describe the services that you provide?

Aaron Regev: As a home warranty company, our goal is to provide excellent home protection for our customers. We offer several levels of protection for both home appliances and home systems and support our customers with a carefully curated selection of high-quality technicians who can repair or replace their covered items simply and efficiently.

Anything else they should know about the home warranty business before we proceed?

Aaron Regev: Well, home warranty coverage often gets mistaken for home insurance. But they are definitely not the same thing. They are somewhat similar in that their purposes are to offer peace of mind from unexpected out-of-pocket costs for homeowners, however, home insurance offers protection for home structure or personal property (with coverage applicable if damages occurred because of the weather, natural disasters, vandalism, theft, fires, etc.), while home warranty covers home appliances and systems like refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers, kitchen appliances, etc. (with coverage applicable if the item has broken down because of natural wear and tear.)

What was last year like for your team over at Total Home Protection?

Aaron Regev: Much like most businesses at the time, the THP team has had to make a lot of adjustments to make sure that we were doing our part in keeping the spread of COVID-19 low while also maintaining and improving our systems to support the sudden influx of new business (which was a natural result of people spending more time at home, and thus, more concerned about how to keep their appliances and home systems functioning to keep everyone in their family safe and comfortable.)

Would you say the effects of the pandemic have been positive or negative on Total Home Protection?

Aaron Regev: It’s been positive. Not even necessarily because we’ve seen such a big jump in new customers, but because it’s given us an extra little push to make some differences in how we do things at Total Home Protection. It’s important that we are continuing to stay true to our mission as a company, after all, which is to make sure that we are innovating for the sake of our customers’ satisfaction.

What plans do you have in store for 2021?

Aaron Regev: Going back to what I mentioned earlier about our mission as a company, a lot of our plans for the future have to do with meeting the expectations of our customers. We want to make sure that we are serving them 100% of the time and, of course, in a way that is positive for them and their interests. To this end, for example, we’ve been adjusting our onboarding processes in the past couple of months to be a little more automated — so that the experience is as smooth and intuitive for our customers as possible.

Is there anything that else you would like to talk about regarding Total Home Protection’s future direction?

Aaron Regev: Well, as always, we value our relationships with our customers above all else. And, even if you are more of a prospective customer than anything else, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything like it, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with our staff. I guarantee that you will be welcome to pop in for a chat at any time.

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