Trump’s ‘tough guy’ China-bashing is a ‘political movie’ made for domestic American market, Professor Wolff tells Boom Bust

As relations between the world’s two major economies, the US and China, continue to deteriorate, RT’s Boom Bust talks to Professor Richard Wolff about what’s really going on.

“What we’re seeing is mostly posturing by Mr. Trump for domestic electoral votes,” he says, adding that the US president thinks the bashing of China could gain him some kind of support.

“This is a way of keeping attention, positioning himself for the American market as a ‘tough guy’ but for the rest of the world as seeking some kind of accommodation.”

Wolff adds that “Once the election is over, whoever wins will have to rethink all of this, then we’ll see much more clearly how real this is and how much this is a made-for-domestic American market political movie.”

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