Walmart to Install Mamava Lactation Pods in at Least 100 Stores

Last week, Walmart said that it partnered with Mamava to include smart lactation pods in over 100 Walmart locations. The announcement also coincided with August as the National Breastfeeding Month.

The Mamava Pods

A Mamava lactation pod is an allocated space for mothers who have to breastfeed or pump milk. Per Walmart’s website, the breastfeeding suites are “clean, comfortable, and private.” The pods can be opened via the Mamava mobile app for free, which also has more features, including changing lighting and airflow. In addition, the app can also tell moms if there is a vacancy in a pod. Users can even locate one of over 6,000 Mamava pods thru the Mamava app. It is available for both Android and iOS.

“Mamava, the leading expert in lactation design, is dedicated to transforming the culture of breastfeeding in the United States by providing flexible lactation space solutions designed to meet the needs of breastfeeding families,” the news release reads.

Walmart + Mamava

According to Mamava’s chief executive and co-founder, Sascha Mayer: “Walmart’s commitment to supporting breastfeed associates and community members with Mamava pods is a huge leap forward for inclusivity and normalizing breastfeeding culture.”

Moreover, Walmart also said that they intend to install Mamava pods in stores that don’t have their own Mother’s Rooms. Mother’s Rooms are Walmart’s own version of dedicated space for breastfeeding and pumping.

Last year, three Walmart locations sampled Mamava pods. By this year, the Mamava plans to bring it to at least 100 more stores.

A Walmart Associate’s Light Bulb Moment

The team-up between the retail giant and Mamava came from a Walmart associate, Tennille Webb, a new mom. She discovered the pod and suggested it to Walmart. 

Webb said that upon discovery of the Mamava suite, she knew it as a “game-changer”. The new mom also wanted the same option for her fellow employees and shoppers.

“I’m honored to see that my idea has come to reality in our stores. It’s teaching my son how one person can make a big difference,” Webb stated.

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