Warren Buffett is a leech living on US government bailouts – Max Keiser

RT’s Keiser Report looks at why the mainstream media is always calling on people to trust central banks. Meanwhile, billionaire investor Warren Buffett says the economy needs another injection.

Max Keiser points out that Buffett has been bailed out by the US government at least three times in a major way.

“So, he is a parasite, essentially, he’s a leech who just lobbies the government to send him free money, and then he doles that out, he puts people on rationing money to his conglomerate and he claims that this is somehow adding value to the economy,” says Max.

“It’s not,” Max adds, “it’s a leech, it’s just economically destroying the economy. He lives on bailouts, he has never created a single thing in his life, he is a complete dullard.”

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