Watch Artists’ Live Twitch Streams on Amazon Music

If you subscribe to Amazon Music and you like watching Twitch streams, you can now watch streams without quitting the Music app. Musicians can link their Twitch profiles to Amazon Music and start streaming right away. 

Amazon Music Integrating Twitch

The Verge reports that musicians could find this app integration helpful as the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped them from touring. With Twitch and Amazon Music, musicians can just stream concerts online. 

In the press release, Amazon said that over 1,000 artists have already linked their Twitch and Amazon Music accounts. The company reached this number on Day 1 of integration. Now, both famous and up-and-coming artists can attract “stadium-size audiences.”

How Do I Watch Streams on Amazon Music and Twitch?

When you open your Amazon Music app, you’ll see your favorite musician’s stream on their artist page. You’ll also get a message telling you when they start streaming. Moreover, you can again go to a new “Live” page in Amazon Music that features artists who are currently streaming. 

How Amazon Music’s Integration Helps Artists and Users

With this move, Amazon can help artists connect with people who don’t go on Twitch. Users also don’t have to download a new app since everything happens on Amazon Music. However, Amazon Music doesn’t offer any options for fans to interact with one another. You’ll have to go to Twitch if you want to talk to other viewers.

Compared to other streaming services, Amazon Music doesn’t have a lot of subscribers. Amazon Music only has 55 million customers, while Apple already passed 60 million over a year ago. Currently, Spotify is king with 138 million subscribers. 

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