What are the real dangers of artificial intelligence? RT’s Boom Bust explores…

With artificial intelligence (AI) steadily progressing, concerns have been growing about how much innovation is too much. Cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright offers his forecast for the industry.

The quest for AI is right now “one of the biggest battles” between countries around the world, he tells Boom Bust, adding that we are dealing with two forms of AI: narrow or weak AI, and artificial general intelligence.

The first form is “very much based upon machine learning, what do we tell it, what do we instruct it. Eventually, where this goes is artificial general intelligence.”

Wright explains that “Governments are trying to get to in a sense very powerful, all-knowing all-seeing type of artificial general intelligence, which is used for military purposes, espionage, economics, banking, finance, and things like that.”

He says: “If you program biases into it, it will act in accordance with its programming, but as it gets smarter, as it gets better, you will see us move from this narrow AI to what’s called artificial general intelligence, and that’s where the real danger lies in terms of what AI can do in terms of control of population.”

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