What offers DD Consultus as gaming consultancy Curacao?

What offers DD Consultus as gaming consultancy Curacao?

What offers DD Consultus as gaming consultancy Curacao?

DD Consultus offers gaming consultancy Curacao services for those interested in applying for an eGaming licence. This is preferred for a series of advantages brought for those operating under the Curacao jurisdiction and looking to extend their network and profits.

Variety of eGames

By applying for an online gaming licence Curacao, you will have the right to operate various games, from Sportsbooks, peer to peer games, financial trading or even lotteries. You can diversify your portfolio from games of chance and skill to randomness and online casino games while making them available on excellent telecommunication infrastructure.

You can have a mobile app for the phones, get a website, be connected to an IP network and receive the most updated support in terms of compliance services in an international jurisdictional framework.

Hosting support and 2% corporate tax

In case you need further support, you can ask for co-location services and use our hosting facilities. DD Consultus has earned its reputation through hard work and the great performance results of its consultants throughout the year. You can get more information about the company and its services at DD Consultus. Apart from gaming consultancy services in Curacao, the company supports its customers and partners in various other markets, such as Italy, Malta, Bulgaria and Romania.

If you need support with the compliance requirements while enabling as many bets as possible in a remote way, you might have a look at the compliance services offered by DD Consultus. They cover everything from global remote IP compliance services to VPS and data storage services.

Among the main services you can evaluate before applying for a consultancy, you might be interested in how to acquire an eGaming licence and apply for the e-Zone status. This status will enable you to pay online 2% corporate tax, which is one of the most convenient tax situation available at the moment in the world. This remains so at least until the end of 2025. More information about the online gaming licence.

After getting the online gaming licence Curacao and your new e-Zone address, you might be interested in getting a local Managing Director for your new company and make sure it goes in the right direction. Within its services for gaming consultancy Curacao, DD Consultus can support such a director especially trained to identify opportunities and solve complex problems.

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