Why is Education Necessary?

Why is Education Necessary?

Why is Education Necessary?

If you want to live a happy life and take advantage of all that the world has to offer, you must first educate yourself. A fantastic job and a strong social reputation are just a few of the many advantages of being well-educated. Education is essential for a bright and secure future as well as a steady living.

Financial Stability

A well-educated individual has a better chance of finding a decent, well-paying job. Everyone desires a good life, but not just any good life. Money may be referred to as the source of all evil, but most people agree that it is necessary for survival in today’s world according to Dr. Cheryl Pruitt. The more educated you are; the more job opportunities you will have. If you want to be self-sufficient, you must have a good education. It assists you in being financially self-sufficient, but that is not all. You will become wiser as a result of your education and will be able to make your own decisions.


Education is required if we wish to see the globe as a just and fair environment where everyone has equal opportunity. If we wish to eliminate current gaps between social classes and genders, we must invest in education as per Dr. Cheryl Pruitt. It opens up a whole new universe of possibilities for the underprivileged, allowing them to compete for well-paying employment on an equal footing.

Promotes Peace

Education significantly influences our comprehension of the contrast between good and bad. An informed individual is very much aware of the outcomes of wrong/illicit activities and he is more averse to get impacted and accomplish something which isn’t lawfully/ethically right. Additionally, various ignorant individuals who carry on with a neediness-stricken life claiming to the absence of chances regularly go to unlawful ways like burglary and theft to take care of their issues. If you are instructed, you are very much aware of your privileges, the law, and your duties towards the general public. Henceforth, training is a significant factor that contributes to friendly congruity and harmony.

What is your fantasy, your point throughout everyday life? Would you like to get rich? Would you like to be mainstream? Would you like to be an incredibly fruitful individual who is regarded by individuals? All things considered, the way into this is schooling in the eyes of Cheryl Pruitt. Obviously, there are special cases, as athletes who don’t actually owe their prosperity to their schooling. Anyway, as a rule, your degree is the thing that assists you with understanding everything you could ever want.

Increases Confidence

Many people regard your college degree as evidence of your competence. You have a better chance of being heard and taken seriously if you are educated. Due to a lack of confidence, an ignorant man will find it more difficult to convey his thoughts and beliefs. Even if he does, he might not be taken seriously. You gain the confidence to communicate your thoughts and opinions as a result of your education. Education protects you from being taken advantage of and duped as told by Cheryl Pruitt. We live in a country that provides us with numerous rights and freedoms. It’s easy to take advantage of the helpless and illiterate. They may be forced to sign fake documents or have rights taken away from them since, unlike an educated person, they are unaware of their rights and liberties.

Positive Changes in Society

We all live in a society with its own set of written and unwritten laws, one of which is education. Society expects you to go to school, then college, find a job, and settle down, among other things. Education does, in fact, assist you in becoming a useful member of society. A well-educated person has a better possibility of contributing to his community. Education allows you to become a more active member of society and participate in current events and changes. Australia, the United States, and Japan are among the few countries with extremely high literacy rates. These countries are exceptionally rich, with high per capita incomes for their population. On the other hand, in poor and emerging countries, where literacy rates are lower, a large number of people continue to live in poverty. Education is essential for a country’s economic growth.

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