Why Should You Choose Riyad Bank?

Why Should You Choose Riyad Bank?

Why Should You Choose Riyad Bank?


Riyad Bank is among the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia, ranked fourth in overall assets it was founded in 1957. The total ownership of assets is presently at about 2 trillion dollars. The majority of the shareholders are foreigners. There is a board of directors, which currently consists of eight members.

This is an Islamic financial institution and follows the Islamic banking traditions. Its primary goal is to be a regional lender and to extend its services to clients in other countries. The largest branches are in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. Other than that it also branches in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. It has diversified its product offerings to include property financing, commercial banking and treasury products. All these financial products are under the general supervision of an appointed council, which meets at least once a month.

The business segment includes commercial banking, asset management and corporate finance. The products and services under the commercial banking segment include commercial loans, merchant cash advances, vessel and ship financing, and land and property loans. The asset management division handles the disposition of customer assets, corporate bonds and investor securities. This division also handles corporate accounts receivables and merchant cash advances. Under the corporate finance segment, the products and services covered include deposit management, corporate credit control, corporate lending and merchant financing.

Another division, which provides financial products to the public is the market sector. It mainly deals with the sale of mutual funds, securities in the foreign exchange market and treasury bills. The insurance industry is also another important sector and is under the market sector. It provides a number of insurance products such as life insurance, term insurance, disability income protection, annuities and mutual funds.

The Middle East branch of the bank offers several products to its customers. A number of financial services are extended through this Middle Eastern branch such as international money transfer, personal loans, safekeeping and customs brokering. For the asset management needs, it also provides products such as inventory and document valuing. The bank also provides a number of banking facilities such as ATM services, internet banking and mobile banking.

These are only some of the many products that this institution has to offer. For more information on the different products and services that this establishment has to offer, one can log onto its website and get all the information that he or she may be looking for. The website also provides all the contact details, FAQ pages and other relevant information that would be useful for customers. The customer service representatives can also answer any queries that you may have regarding their products and services.

This financial institution offers its customers a wide array of interest rates and terms. Before choosing an investment option, it is important for you to carefully analyze all the options that are available to you. You should also keep in mind your financial status and your long term goals. If you are a regular user of its services, you would be better off dealing with them. However, if you are planning to start a new business, you will be better off dealing with other financial institutions. This is because you will be presented with a wide variety of options.

One thing that the bank is known for is its focus on the local market. In the UK, this institution has branches in Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and London. Apart from these, it also has branches in the rest of England, Scotland and Wales. Therefore, if you wish to conduct a transaction, you need not have to travel a lot. The other advantage of dealing with this bank is that it offers fast cash loans that are processed very quickly.

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