Why working with a gambling consultant in Romania?

As much as we might try to find everything online, when it comes to creating a business plan, sometimes the professional help of a gambling consultant might bring many more benefits than ever expected.

DD Consultus is a consultancy agency that supports its customers worldwide with high-level advice in the gambling industry. A gambling consultant is able to support various services, from applying to an online gaming licence up to finding new business partners in this industry.

Obtaining an online gaming license in Romania

For a Romanian customer interested to apply for an online gaming license, there is a long way to go towards approval from ONJN. As of 2016, the gambling industry in Romania has received its own legislation regarding online and land-based companies, which touches both technical and operational points and provides a clear legal framework.

The application process consists of a couple of steps, among which the most important is the submission of the business plan. Once the committee from the ONJN approves it, the company receives a 10-year license. The business plan is a very long-term investment and once it is done properly, it might enable the company to function and make a profit.

Requirements for the license

In order to receive a license from ONJN, an applicant should comply with a few requirements. The first condition is to have a residence in Romania or to appoint a representative with a residence in Romania. This is due to the ongoing bureaucratic requirements, which means that one person should be ready to meet and deal with various legal entities in person.

A second requirement represents having a bank account in Romania and receiving approval on ONJN for any alternative online payment solutions. There is as well a condition regarding the minimum share capital and a monthly declaration of incomes. One other important condition is the protection of minors.

Gambling consultants professional advice

As in Romania, the online gaming license is valid for 10 years and everything arrives in the Committee of ONJN, using the services of a gambling consultant is not only a key factor to success but also a way to accelerate the opening of the business and skip unnecessary rejections due to an incomplete file application. A gambling consultant from DD Consultus is ready to give advice and find the best ways to deal with challenges, starting from a very up-to-date legal knowledge.

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