Why would you install a ducted air conditioning system?

Why would you install a ducted air conditioning system?

Why would you install a ducted air conditioning system?

Everybody deserves to feel comfortable in their homes or offices and ducted air conditioning is the ultimate luxury and comfort one can ask for. If you are wondering what ducted air conditioning is, we’ve outlined everything you need to know.

About Ducted Air Conditioning

air conditioning system
air conditioning system

A ducted air conditioning is a central unit that distributes cool air via a series of ducts, which are known as vents. You can choose a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner as they are capable of cooling your home in summer and heating it in winter.

Ducted air conditioners with inverter are more energy efficient as the inverter allows the air conditioner to maintain a consistent speed and temperature. Air conditioners without inverters consume more electricity as they need to be switched on and off to maintain temperature. Apart from that, if you choose an air conditioner without an inverter then it can get affected by power fluctuation.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

The features of ducted air conditioning cannot be matched by any other type of air conditioner.

  • They can keep your home in moderate temperature. You can install such ducts on your ceiling or walls. You can change the direction of such ducts horizontally or vertically. So they are flexible and long lasting.
  • You can actually zone out the ducted air conditioning of the rooms that you are not using. e.g.: you can tell it to operate in your bedroom zones for night time and the living area for day time. So you can control the temperature of your different rooms and it will save your power consumption cost.
  • The ducted air conditioning is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ and you can customize them according to your needs. The main units are installed in the ceiling, under the floor or outside, depending on the specifics of the property. A professional will visit your home and design a customized unit based on the no of vents needed, the location of the vents, number of zones required etc.

Choosing a ducted air conditioning system

Whether you choose a cooling or reverse cycle system, it’s important to choose the right air conditioning as per your requirements based on the size of your home. The cheapest ducted air conditioning system provides cool or warm air to every room in the house, which isn’t cost efficient. For a little more money you can buy zone system which allows you to choose which area or room you want to cool or heat at what time.

ducted air conditioning installation
ducted air conditioning installation

Cost of Ducted Air Conditioning and The installation charges

As a rough guide you can expect to pay $2000 for a small capacity system designed for a small apartment and $10,000 for a system designed for a large home. The company that will supply the air conditioning to you will also install the system.

As a rule, the cost of installation increases with the size of the system. Installation costs start with hourly rates, so it’s always better to get quotes for the whole job rather than hiring some technicians on the hourly basis. This will give you an opportunity to compare products versus the installation charges and you can choose an affordable option for your home.

If you purchase an air conditioning system which is design to only warm or cool your home, you can add the extra cost of energy bill as these systems consume more electricity than the ones designed to zone out the rooms and areas as they save 10-15% of your energy bill.

For more information, or to see about getting a ducted air conditioning system in your home, speak to your local air conditioning services.

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