Will accelerated printing of fiat money result in the 15-minute recession? RT’s Keiser Report takes a look

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert take a look at the statistics showing that the latest recession sustained by the US lasted just two months – the shortest incidence in the American history.

“Recessions are business cycles that make poorly run companies go out of business,” Stacy explains, adding that there also may be a rise in unemployment. “But that would force people to move to where jobs were, and it would reallocate capital and labor in the economy.”

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She added that the “accelerated parabolic” printing of fiat money is the element that makes every single little dip in the markets cause a substantial crash on the markets for any sort of intervention.

“If you are trying to reduce volatility in your economy you are trying to create a prison, a slave ship, or America in the 21st century,” Max says, pointing out that only dead fish flow with the current.

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