With inflation soaring, bottom will fall out of US dollar & gold will go through the roof, Peter Schiff tells Boom Bust

The Covid vaccine rollouts and stimulus optimism lifted stock markets this week while gold prices have taken a hit as volatility has begun to wane.

Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital joins Boom Bust with analysis of the recent price movement for the precious metal and the US economic recovery.

“The markets still believe the Fed that it will be able to contain the inflation problem before it really runs out of control,” says Schiff, adding: “So, it’s the expectation that the Fed is going to fight inflation by raising rates, that’s what’s pressuring gold.”

However, the markets are wrong, the veteran stockbroker says, explaining: “The Fed is not even going to attempt to fight inflation, it’s going to surrender. Inflation is going to win without a fight. And when the markets realize that the Fed is all bark no bite and that inflation is going to be an even bigger problem that is going to be uncontrollable, then the bottom’s going to fall out of the dollar and gold’s going through the roof.”

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