You Can Stop Windows 10 From Restarting without Your Permission

If automatic restarts annoy you as well, you can stop Windows 10 from restarting your PC after updates with these instructions.

Software updates can be annoying sometimes if your computer restarts without your permission. You can turn that feature off, but seeing those pop-ups can disturb your workflow. Now, though, Windows 10 allows users to disable automatic restarts after updates. You can also stop other Microsoft products from updating. 

Check for Updates

Gizmodo reports that you can stop Windows 10 from updating if you don’t want to. Just search “update” on the search bar, and look for Check for Updates. Click on it, and then look for Advanced Updates. After clicking on that, just turn off all the toggles. 

What Does Turning Off Advanced Updates Do?

If you turn off your PC’s ability to “restart this device as soon as possible,” your PC won’t restart immediately after updating. Turning off “update notifications” will stop your PC from prompting you to restart your computer. Now, if you want to install a software update, you’ll need to click on the icon in the taskbar. It’s the one with a yellow dot beside the date and time. You’ll have to restart your computer manually. 

Windows 10 Updates

Your PC will still download the software update, but at least it won’t install them without your permission. If you turned off all the toggles, you just have to shut down or restart your computer manually. You don’t need to choose “update and shut down” or “update and restart.”

So, if you’re happy with your current version of Windows 10, you can still enjoy it until you want to update it.

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