You Can’t Watch Sports on Youtube TV Anymore

If you subscribe to YouTube TV for sports, you might have to look elsewhere for your sports fix. Starting next month, YouTube TV will lose access to Fox regional sports networks. Losing access means you couldn’t watch the MLB, NBA, and NHL seasons on YouTube TV anymore. 

YouTube TV and Sports

Gizmodo reports that YouTube’s deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group is already expiring. Without the deal, YouTube TV couldn’t broadcast sports games anymore. YouTube TV had announced the situation in a post on its Twitter support page. 

Starting October 1, you couldn’t stream content from Fox regional sports channels on YouTube TV. Moreover, YouTube added that even DVR content from these networks would disappear. 

No More Sports on YouTube TV

In an email to Gizmodo, YouTube said that TV users wouldn’t be able to watch live games, on-demand sports, or recorded sports content. So, even sports analysis shows might disappear from YouTube TV.

Both YouTube and Sinclair might have reached an eleventh-hour deal to keep sports on YouTube TV. They were still talking on Wednesday. However, that window might have closed now.

So, if you want to keep streaming live sports, you might have to look at cheaper options. Just a few years ago, YouTube TV cost $35 a month. Now, it costs $65. 

What’s Next for YouTube TV

Gizmodo also notes that streaming services always lose content. For example, a slew of Netflix content leaves the service every month. However, for sports fans who follow regional channels, they have limited options. 

YouTube TV had allowed them to watch every sport they wanted with just one subscription. Meanwhile, other sports streaming services charge them extra for DVR and other perks. Other services also offer additional bonuses at a premium.

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